Title: World of warcraft how to get the legendary cloak

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World of warcraft how to get the legendary cloak

For those that have a character they put through the grind, Blizzard stated they want this cloak to be used for this final stretch of progression from the get go, and made this last little bit a minor time sink that caused (at least for me) a huge sigh of relief.

There's a number of people are concerned about needing the legendary cloak to fight the Fire-God Ordos, a special boss accessible on the Timeless Isle. Those people with the concern raise the point that this is essentially cutting off a significant portion of the game to those without the cloak -- or at least what they feel is a significant portion of the game. Except, it's not a big portion of the game. It's one boss, and a rather insignificant one (in the grand scheme of things) at that. Further, players that have put in the year long effort to actually get the legendary cloak deserve some sort of reward for their troubles. And while the awesome cloak is certainly part of that reward, getting to experience a different boss is a nice added bonus.

So what do you have to look forward to? Hitting up the Timeless Isle to collect 5000 Timeless Coins and then defeating 4 world bosses. While we wait for patch 5.4 to arrive, why not get ready to pick up your legendary by catching up on the legendary questline? Your own legendary cloak will be a big help through the Siege of Orgrimmar.In legendary questline news, Wowhead has compiled some useful updates from Lore that clarify questline questions. The most interesting, we think, is that players who have been keeping up with legendary questline from patch to patch should be able to quickly complete it to get their legendary cloak once 5.4 has been released. This will let players use the cloaks to progress through the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. Handy!

He seems to be a little bugged on the PTR at present, as I was able to pull him several times with a group, and certainly do not have a legendary cloak on any character! I had fully expected to be kicked off the platform, but wasn't. This will definitely change for live, though! In case you were thinking the legendary cloaks in patch 5.4 weren't really flashy, think again. MMO-Champion has discovered new spell effects for the legendary cloaks that are pretty gorgeous. The cloaks are not available on the PTR as of yet, but it appears that they are some kind of spell effect proc similar to the procs displayed by Challenge Mode armor sets, rather than being on and flashy all the time.

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